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Julia Jones Art

Poppy, Molly and Rosie - 1.5x600

Poppy, Molly and Rosie - 1.5x600

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Introducing Poppy, Milly, and Rosie - three delightful Heffas that embody my love for country living. This original artwork piece captures the essence of rural charm and brings a touch of countryside joy into your space.

With their whimsical and vibrant presence, Poppy, Milly, and Rosie are sure to bring a smile to your face. These characters are a tribute to the beauty and simplicity of country life, radiating warmth and personality.

This ready-to-hang original artwork is a testament to my passion for capturing the spirit of rural living. Each brushstroke is infused with love and care, reflecting the unique charm of these Heffas and the countryside they represent.

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