About Julia Jones

About 10 years ago my life dramatically changed direction in so many ways.  To help me to find a purpose again I needed something to remove me from my past life and to create a whole new purpose and this is where painting art came into it. 

Art and creativity has become an obsession to me and there are very few days that I am not painting or being creative. I love creating different colour pallets and being experimental with each and every piece. Living and working by the ocean and beach in Noosa/Caloundra for the past 16 years, my artwork naturally became to reflect the beautiful sights and elements that surround me. 

However, as time goes by an artist’s life evolves and with that so does the artwork. With the birth of my third child Summer, I began experimenting with children’s painting – this style brings fun and simplicity to my range and makes me feel quite youthful. 2014 saw another transition in my life whereby we moved to Brisbane. Whilst I love the Sunshine Coast a change was necessary and therefore my artwork once again evolved to incorporate other themes and features. My range has expanded to include textured abstract, animal themes, floral scenes and a number of personalised commissions.

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