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Julia Jones Art

Fluttering Hummingbird - 1mx1m

Fluttering Hummingbird - 1mx1m

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Be captivated by the grace and beauty of the Fluttering Hummingbird as it gracefully dances among a vibrant display of native flora and fauna. This original artwork piece is a celebration of nature's wonders, filled with an abundance of pretty pastel colours that create a harmonious and serene atmosphere.

Intricately designed, the artwork features a delightful little bee buzzing amidst the blooming flowers, adding a touch of whimsy to the composition. The floral elements are further accentuated with delicate gold leaf detailing, enhancing the artwork's elegance and lending it a touch of luxury.

Ready to hang, this original painting is a true masterpiece that will bring joy and a sense of tranquility to any space it graces. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of nature and allow the Fluttering Hummingbird to transport you to a serene realm of beauty and wonder.

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