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Julia Jones Art

Back to Nature the Australian Series - 1.8x1.2

Back to Nature the Australian Series - 1.8x1.2

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🌿🦜 Embrace the beauty of Australian nature! 🇦🇺✨ Feast your eyes on this captivating artwork, showcasing the vibrant flora and fauna that make our land so unique. From the mesmerizing Kookaburra's laughter to the elegant Rosellas and melodious Magpies, this original commission piece celebrates the wonders of our environment. 🎨🏡

I had the privilege to create this masterpiece for a lovely home in Melbourne, capturing the essence of their surroundings in a truly personalized way. 🏠💚 Now, it's your turn! 🖌️✨ Custom design your own artwork and symbolize the beauty that surrounds you in your own cherished space. Let your home reflect the natural wonders that inspire you every day. 🌺🐨🌿

This piece comes with a timber float frame. 

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