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Julia Jones Art

A - Country - Australian Outback Symphony: A Serene Canvas of Rural Charm

A - Country - Australian Outback Symphony: A Serene Canvas of Rural Charm

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This piece has been sold however you can purchase this on a commission basis.  All artwork will vary as they are hand painted with a mix of colours.

1.1 x 1m Ready to hang original painting with a Tassie Oak Float Frame

Step into the tranquillity of the Australian countryside with one of my latest artwork creations, "Australian Outback Symphony." This blissful piece captures the essence of rural life with meticulous detail and a touch of poetic charm. Picture yourself in a sun-kissed paddock, where contented cows graze lazily amidst the gentle sway of tall, golden grass. Perched on a rustic fence, kookaburras add their joyful chorus to the symphony of nature, their laughter echoing across the landscape.

A babbling creek winds its way through the scene, its crystal-clear waters reflecting the vibrant hues of the surrounding gum. Towering above them all, a majestic windmill stands sentinel against the vast expanse of the sky, its weathered blades turning gracefully in the breeze. As far as the eye can see, picturesque rolling hills roll like waves in the distance, painted in hues of green and gold under the endless blue canopy above.

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  • Your artwork is amazing!

    Your artwork is amazing and you have a unique talent. I love the art I have bought from you and will definitely be purchasing more in the near future. It hangs in my kitchen centre of attention. Lots of compliments received. I have highly recommended you to my friends and family.
    Oli Rocca
  • Paintings

    I have seen many of her paintings because I have spent a lot of time around her and her family.I love her paintings and know how popular they are with have a look, you will love them also.
    Barbara Naylor
  • Julia’s awesome artworks!

    We have 3 of Julia’s awesome artworks. Two were custom sized for us and they look amazing. We live on the Sunshine Coast and the paintings help us feel like we are permanently on holidays as they are so relaxing , bright and colourful. Could not recommend Julia more highly. Great service and awesome art. Will definitely be back for more.
    Sandra Bourke
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