Managing and creating Positivity

Managing and creating Positivity

One thing for sure is that we have to teach ourselves when to stop dwelling, asking why and how we got where we are.  Its time to take a hold of our own actions and place a good amount of positive energy into our day.  Don't stress over the little things because you know what, there are people out there a lot worse.  Just think about that for a minute.   


I had the most amazing and wonderful experience on the weekend and was invited to a Winter Ball for the Steps foundation.  The foundation raises money to building housing and lifestyle facilities for Autistic and Down Syndrome young adults.   I was truly blessed and I would like to say lucky because I was able to witness these lovely young adults, enjoying themselves, feeling part of the community and making a life for themselves.  I was truly amazed and in awe of the relentless and tireless actions of others  who make a dream come true for many families.


So just take a moment every time you put yourself in a hole of dark thoughts, or allow negative comments to enter your space, or just being a little down on yourself that life is good and believe that there are only good things to come. 


I always like to count myself a lucky one - you might think how, yep I've been through divorce, struggled to find happiness at times but I pulled myself out and dust off my bad thoughts and say to myself and to those who listen that I have been blessed.  I am healthy, I have a job, I have a passion, I have a happy balance, beautiful children who are healthy and my creativity has enabled me to escape from the everyday.  Not everyday do I paint or sell artwork but because I put myself out there the good vibes and energy I receive from my customers makes it worth while.  I've stopped worrying about the what ifs and I simply believe I can do it.  


So take one thing from my little rave today and find that something, allow it to help you when you are feeling down.  Think of others, feel blessed and allow yourself to feel happy.


Happy thoughts. 


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