Gift Voucher Give Away - Julia Jones ART

Gift Voucher Give Away - Julia Jones ART

So to kick off the launch of my new website - I am giving away a $200 gift voucher.  I first started this fun little game on my Facebook and Insta sites but I thought why not blog it.  To those of you who would like to win a gift voucher - please let me know what image you prefer the best.  I have painted 2 EMU paintings - one is off to Belgium and the other I am selling but I wanted to know your opinion.  To enter you must let me know using the Contact Us on my website and Choose 1 or 2.  Now I am a lover of colour and painting with it gives me so much joy - so far the consensus has been 4 friends but my love is quirky because that a little bit of me.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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